White Mulberry – The Hot Superfood for 2013 – Loaded With Health Benefits

Doctors love white mulberriesWhite Mulberry supplements are the new craze on TV doctor shows because the latest studies show that you can gain huge health benefits by eating the berries, drinking the tea, or consuming the leaf extract on a regular basis. Lets did down an take a closer look at why you would want to consider adding White Mulberries to your diet.

White Mulberries Make the Perfect Snack Choice

White-Mulberry-berriesDid you know that most dried fruits contain more sugar than a candy bar! On average there is 30 to 40 grams of sugar in a serving of dried fruits. This is where dried White Mulberry fruit can help you a lot, they are naturally low in sugar containing significantly less than dried figs, bananas, dates, pineapples, mangos and even cranberries. Don’t let the lower sugar fool you when it comes to taste, these little berries are actually sweet tasting and taste close to fig and have a consistency like a raisin.

The phenols contained in the berries pack a strong antioxidant punch that neutralize the damage caused by free radicals. According to the studies done on White Mulberries, they suggest that the antioxidants may help protect a person from heart damage from some toxins.

High in Protein and Fiber Aids in Weight Loss

Perfect Diet Food

Perfect Diet Food

There is a good amount of protein found in just a third of a cup of the berries, There is 4 grams of protein in a serving. This aids in the weight loss area since Protein helps you to feel fuller and reduces your appetite. And on top of that there is an impressive amount of fiber in each serving. You can get 20% of your daily recommended intake of fiber in just a third of a cup. That fiber aids in lowering cholesterol levels and improves your digestion. Also there is no saturated fat in mulberries.

May Help Reduce Risk of Developing Type II Diabetes

There are even more health benefits, the white mulberry leaves can help prevent diabetes. So eat your berries. If you saw the recent Dr. Oz TV Show, according to the DNJ, White Mulberry also contain a compound called l-deoxynojirimycin, that inhibits sugar digestion so that most sugar you eat is not stored in the fat cells but is excreted instead.

Helps Reduce Blood Sugar Spikes

The DNJ new reports also stated that the White Mulberry leaf tea can aid in preventing blood sugar spikes in which help you to control your blood sugar making this an excellent choice for fighting per-diabetes.You can find these mulberry leaf in teas by Uncle Lee’s Diabetic Delight or Genesis Today White Mulberry Tea.

White Mulberry Tea, Organic Berries, and Supplements Available


Genesis Today Mulberry Tea

White Mulberry is available in three forms, as a supplement which you can just take a capsule each day, as organic whole dried fruit berries from Navitas, or White Mulberry Teas. The best place where you can order these is right here online where you will get the best price and a wide variety. Make sure that you do not sign up for any monthly automatic shipment programs as these are hard to cancel and they normally charge a very high price for the supplements. You can be assured that any orders place on this website are one time only orders and you will not receive any future orders from our company.

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Other hot fat burning supplements in the new are Meratrim, showing an average of 11.4 lbs in just 8 weeks.

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