Dried White Mulberries

Dried White Mulberries Are Good For Your Health
Seen on a recent TV show by the famous Dr. Oz. white mulberries have come in the spotlight for their numerous health benefits. They can help with weight loss due the the large amounts of fiber and protein found in the fruit, they can help lower bad cholesterol making them good for heart health and have a unique propriety of blocking most sugars from being stored as fat in the cells. They are nutrient rich food that is high in Vitamin C and Contains the Resveratrol, it is well know for its longevity anti-aging value. Plus dried white mulberries make great tasting snacks when you fell that urge to eat something sweet.
Navitas Certified Organic White Mulberries
Navitas White Mulberry BerriesDried white mulberries are treasured for their unique flavor and texture, and for their antioxidant content. Navitas Naturals Mulberries are akin to a dried fig in flavor and chewiness. Our Turkish mulberries are a satisfying snack, or they can enhance virtually any recipe. Try this sweet super-fruit in trail mix, granola, yogurt, smoothies and baked goods. Navitas sells Certified Organic White Mulberries in 4oz or 8oz bags and can be ordered online. Also available to order for those that don’t want berries is the Mulberry leaf extract supplements and Mulberry leaf teas.
What Are Mulberries?
Mulberries are large, deciduous trees native to warm, temperate, and subtropical regions of Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Technically, the mulberry fruit is an aggregation of small fruits arranged longitudinally around the central axis as in blackberry or loganberries. Each fruit measures 2-5 cm long. In most species, these berries are purple-red when ripen; however, they can be white, red, purple or multiple colors in the same fruit.

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